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Young’s Chimney Service Is Proud To Call Deltona Home

Deltona has a special place in our hearts at Young’s Chimney Service, since it’s the place we call home and a place we’ve worked for decades. While we serve home and business owners throughout Volusia, Seminole, Orange and Lake Counties, we come home to and love Deltona.

And like a lot of other cities in our area, Deltona has unique needs, when it comes to chimney care. Regular maintenance — including annual chimney inspections and regular chimney sweeping — is key to optimum performance, as it is anywhere, and we’re always here to provide those maintenance service to our neighbors. But we also have more than 3 decades of experience working on Florida’s chimneys, so we’re highly attuned to the more Florida-specific chimney needs that we all come across here – namely, combatting the effects of our climate’s abundant moisture.

Young’s Repairs & Helps Prevent Leaks

When we talk about the effects of moisture, we mean immediate effects — like rain coming into the flue because of a missing chimney cap — and the long-term effects — as the high moisture in our climate slowly erodes and degrades masonry until masonry joints recede, cracks develop, or bricks begin to absorb moisture steadily.

Our technicians are trained to deal with moisture issues, from installing chimney components that will hold up to weather (using strong materials in our chimney flashing, installing top-sealing dampers that keep flues closed off properly), making necessary repairs with skill and care, and providing options for preventative maintenance.

One of the best preventative options we offer is chimney waterproofing. We can apply a specially formulated sealant that keeps water from being absorbed into your masonry, but still allows moisture vapors that develop inside your flue to permeate the masonry and escape. We’ve found that waterproofing can greatly extend the life of masonry and help put off the headaches that come with leaks.

Young’s Chimney Service Is Your Top-to-bottom Chimney Specialist

From chimney inspections to repairs and installations, Young’s can perform any chimney-related job. Click to read more about our services: chimney sweeping & cleaning; chimney inspections; leaky chimney troubleshooting; waterproofing; pressure wash & sealing; chase pan installation; chimney cap & animal screen installation; chimney damper installation; and dryer vent installation & cleaning.

If you’re having a problem with your chimney, or just want to keep your system problem-free, give us a call!

Our experienced, CSIA-certified technicians are just a quick phone call away. Make an appointment today!


If you live in Ocoee and need help with your chimney or dryer vent systems, you can call on us at Young’s to schedule an appointment to this part of our extensive service area.

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