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Young’s Knows The Needs Of Orlando Chimneys

Many people end up coming to Orlando in search of beautiful weather, and the city delivers with those warm temperatures we love, year round. So keeping your home’s chimney system front of mind here doesn’t always seem like the obvious thing to do. But while we don’t tend to experience the chills that bring fireplaces and stoves into the foreground for half the year (like our northern counterparts), our chimney systems are still working hard — whether they’re venting a traditional heating appliance or our gas water heaters or oil burners.

Regular maintenance is as important to Orlando chimney systems as it is to the ones in colder climes, since we have our own unique and potentially damaging issues to keep on top of.

Moisture: The Florida Chimney Owner’s Worst Enemy

The long stretch of sun in “The City Beautiful” is a huge bonus, and it’s hard not to love Orlando weather. But we do have our own challenges here, and experienced chimney technicians — like the ones at Young’s Chimney Service — know what to look out for. The steady rains in the summer and early fall and the consistent humidity can take their toll on a chimney system’s ability to fight off water intrusion, so we need to be particularly diligent about chimney leaks here in Florida.

Repairing And Preventing Leaks

Properly repairing a chimney leak means finding all the sources of damage that are contributing to that leak. It might be the result of a missing chimney cap or a cracked chimney crown. Or your leak might have more to do with eroded and degraded masonry that’s wicking moisture right into your home. Young’s Chimney Service technicians have been inspecting and repairing chimneys in Florida since 1983 — we know chimneys inside and out, especially those belonging to Florida homes.

If you’re already noticing the telltale signs of a leak — moisture stains on the building materials around your chimney; discoloration on your masonry; musty smells inside your flue — give us a call. We’ll find the problem and offer solutions.

We can also help you prevent masonry leaks by applying a strong waterproofing sealant, which will allow your masonry to vent vapors and gases from the interior, while preventing moisture from absorbing through the exterior.

Young’s Offers Dryer Vent Cleaning, Too

If you’ve noticed that your dryer isn’t working as well as it once did, you might not have a bum dryer — you might just have a clogged dryer vent. Young’s also cleans dryer vents of lint buildup, which helps your appliance do its job effectively and efficiently, and can help protect your home, as well.

Lint buildup is dangerous — it can cause heat to build up inside your vents, and if it gets hot enough, your highly flammable lint deposits can ignite, causing a fire. Regular dryer vent cleaning leads to improved performance, improved safety, and serious peace of mind.

Leave Your Chimney & Venting Care To Young’s Chimney Service

For any chimney or dryer vent needs you might have in Orlando, including chimney sweeping & cleaning; chimney inspections; leaky chimney troubleshooting; waterproofing; pressure wash & sealing; chase pan installation; chimney cap & animal screen installation; chimney damper installation; and dryer vent installation & cleaning, Young’s Chimney Service is always here to help. Call today to make an appointment with our CSIA-certified technicians!


Young’s also offers professional chimney and dryer vent services to our neighbors in Altoona. Browse our entire service area for more information.

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