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Help Protect Your Chimney System Against Water With A Quality Chimney Cap

ChimnayCap2-OrlandoFL-Young'sChimneyServiceThe saying that good things come in small packages is particularly apt when it comes to the chimney cap. A cap might look like a relatively small part of a large, complex system, but it provides much-needed protection against a relentless foe.

Water is the most common destroyer of chimneys — if your system has even the tiniest weakness, water will find it and quickly begin to deteriorate the system, rusting dampers, eroding mortar joints and slowly destroying flue liners. Any steps you can take to protect a chimney system against water should be taken, because prevention is much more cost-effective than repair.

Leaving a chimney without a chimney cap is basically akin to leaving a gaping hole in the top of your home. But a chimney cap that is sized and installed correctly can provide a helpful barrier against water and, combined with other preventative measures (including applying a waterproofing sealant, and making sure that your crown, flashing and damper are all functioning properly), can help prevent the headaches that come with chimney damage.

Chimney Caps Provide Protection Against More Than Just Water

A chimney cap with an animal screen can also help deter animals that may see your chimney as a fitting new home. When animals enter the chimney system, they bring with them unwanted bugs, smells, noises and debris. Not only can they be quite an annoyance, they can also cause flue obstructions and system decay.

Chimney caps can also help keep branches, leaves and other debris from trees and plants on your property from creating an obstruction in your flue or causing a chimney fire.

Different Types Of Chimney Caps For Different Homes And Homeowners

ChimneyCap1-OrlandoFL-Young'sChimneyServiceChimney caps come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, including stainless steel and copper.

For a chimney cap to provide all of the benefits it’s designed to provide, it needs to be the right size and shape to accommodate the needs of your particular system. With all the chimney caps to choose from, you’ll find chimney caps that are designed for those with animal problems or with wind-related problems like downdrafts. In addition to being functionally valuable, chimney caps can improve the look of your home as well — we install a variety of beautiful copper and stainless steel caps that can add a pop of style to your exterior. Whatever your needs, Young’s Chimney Service can help you make the best choice for your specific requirements and situation.

If you’re looking to have a chimney cap installed on your chimney, call Young’s Chimney Service at 407-322-1181, and make an appointment with one of our CSIA-certified technicians!


A chimney can’t work properly without a functioning damper, so check with Young’s about the service you need to get this chimney component in tip-top working order.

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