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Chimney Animal Screens

Water isn’t the only unwanted visitor in a chimney system. Having an uncapped chimney is a lot like leaving a “Vacancy” sign out for the various members of the animal kingdom who might be looking for a place to stay.

Birds, squirrels and other animals bring annoying sounds, unwanted smells and bothersome bugs into your chimney and into your home. And even more troubling, they also tend to bring highly-flammable nesting debris with them, which can obstruct your flue and easily cause a chimney fire.

Certain animal visitors can become a long-term hassle, too. Federally-protected chimney swifts love to nest in chimneys, and they’re known for coming back to the same chimney year after year. Because they’re federally protected, it is illegal to remove chimney swifts if you find them nesting in your chimney. You’ll simply have to wait for them to leave before you can take any preventative measures to keep them from returning.

It’s not just nesting animals that you have to worry about, either. Baby squirrels, birds and other animals have been known to fall into open flues, and get stuck. Unable to fly or climb out, these animals eventually die, creating a highly frustrating, unsanitary and foul-smelling situation in your chimney that costs you money and time to correct.

Animal screens do a great job of keeping animals from making your home their home. If you’ve had problems with animals in your chimney, call Young’s Chimney Service, and we’ll recommend an animal screen that works with your flue and urges animals to look elsewhere for a place to roost.

An Animal Screen Is One Of Many Worthwhile Preventative Measures

We highly recommend having an animal screen installed to help keep animals out of your flue. But there are a number of other preventative measures that can help protect your chimney system and keep chimney-related headaches at bay, including:

Talk to our CSIA-certified technicians about the many ways that you can be proactive in caring for your chimney system.

Are you having problems with animals getting into your chimney? Or do you simply want to make sure that you never have an animal problem? Call Young’s Chimney Service at 407-322-1181, and have an animal screen professionally installed today!


No chimney should be without the protection provided by a chimney cap. Discuss your options for this simple chimney service with the experts at Young’s.

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