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Fixing Leaky Chimneys

There are very few guarantees in life, but one thing we can confidently guarantee: is that water is always going to try to get into your chimney system. There’s just no getting around the fact that water’s properties make it uniquely equipped to find any small point of weakness and take advantage of it. And weather is weather — some years may bring more rain, sleet and snow than others, but precipitation will always be there in some form or another, battling your chimneys defenses. Unfortunately, even the best chimneys can form leaks under this constant stress.

If leaks do pop up, the best way to make them go away is to hire knowledgeable, certified chimney technicians, with experience finding and repairing leaks each and every day. The CSIA-certified technicians at Young’s Chimney Service have repaired every kind of leak imaginable for homeowners in Lake, Orange, Seminole and Volusia Counties, and our service has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you have a leak that needs fixing, call us!

Young’s Chimney Service Can Find Even The Trickiest Leaks

It’s not always easy to find the source or sources of a leak in a chimney system, which is where experience, education and well-honed instincts come in. We’ve dealt with and repaired enough leaks to have a knack for quickly and thoroughly assessing them.

A Few Of The More Common Places That Chimney Leaks Originate From:

Chimney Crowns – Located at the top of your chimney, these are generally made of masonry and designed to direct water away from your flue’s opening. But, they’re virtually unprotected against the elements, so it’s not uncommon to see cracks (which allow water in).

Chimney Caps – Chimney caps sit above the crown, and act as another line of defense. Chimneys with a missing cap will be incredibly welcoming to water and debris.

Chimney Flashing — Flashing keeps water from penetrating the seams between your chimney and roofline. If parts of the flashing are torn or come off, water will often make its way into the chimney.

Chimney Masonry — Masonry is porous, so it will allow a certain amount of moisture to penetrate. But if old or damaged brick and mortar are absorbing great deals of water, that moisture can cause the masonry to crack and decay, and can eventually make its way into the chimney and home.

Prevent Further Leaks By Waterproofing

While no one can promise a completely foolproof way to prevent leaks, modern preventative measures can go a long way toward extending the life of your chimney masonry and stopping leaks before they start.

Waterproofing — We can apply a waterproof coating to your masonry that will stop excess water from getting in, but will still allow the masonry to vent moisture and gases.

Pressure Wash & Sealing Chimneys — Soot can make your chimney look dingy, and the growth of moss and molds will cause deterioration. The technicians at Young’s can help by pressure washing your chimney so that it’s clean and safe. We are always careful not to damage the masonry, and will even seal it to prevent growth and discoloration from returning in the future.

For all your chimney leak needs, call Young’s Chimney Service at 407-322-1181!


To keep rain, unwanted critters and other debris where it doesn’t belong, be sure the chase pan on your prefab chimney system is in good condition and performing properly. At Young’s, we can help with this skilled chimney service, so schedule your appointment soon.

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