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Pressure Washing & Sealing Chimneys

Your chimney’s safety and functionality are the most important things. But we know that the way your chimney looks is important, too. Chimneys can be a very prominent part of a home’s appeal, but a sooty, grimy, mossy, and all-around dirty chimney isn’t necessarily all that appealing. Plus, when moss is growing on the masonry of your chimney, it can quickly contribute to degraded joints and bricks.

There are various chemical cleansers that can be used to clean off a grimy chimney, but we find that pressure washing (when done correctly) can be an ideal way to bring a chimney back to its bright, beaming, grime-free glory.

If you’re frustrated with the way your chimney is looking, call Young’s Chimney Service! Our technicians can talk with you about the benefits of pressure washing and our approach.

After Young’s Chimney Service technicians pressure wash the years of soot, dirt, mildew and other deposits off your chimney, we can also seal your masonry to help make that fresh-cleaned look last longer, and protect the chimney from the damaging effects of rain, snow and other precipitation.

Why It’s Important To Have Your Chimney Pressure-Washed By Professionals

Many of us do pressure washing projects on our patios and driveways, so we know how effective a pressure washer can be for restoring appearances. But there’s a reason these tools are often called “power washers” — they can really pack a wallop. And a chimney is a bit more complex than most other masonry structures, so there are more considerations that come into play before a power washer should hit its surface.

For example, a chimney needs to be inspected thoroughly for signs of weakness or damage before being pressure washed. It must also be cleaned with the correct amount of power, so that the pressure washer is effective, but not damaging. If a power washer is used with too much force, or on an area that already needs repair, it could result in extensive damage and the need for expensive repairs. But, when done by an experienced, certified Young’s Chimney Service technician, you can expect a safe, thorough and beautiful job.

Why Sealing Your Chimney Is A Worthwhile Investment

Masonry — particularly when it’s fresh and clean — is a beautiful building material. But it’s also highly susceptible to the damaging effects of water over time. When excess water is absorbed into brick, it can freeze and expand, causing the brick to crumble, crack and deteriorate from the inside out. Water can also erode mortar joints, allowing for small cracks and gaps to appear, letting more water in, and contributing to more damage. Having your chimney sealed will protect it against water, but will still allow the masonry to “breathe” as it should, venting moisture and gases (produced by combustion).

If you’d like to have your masonry chimney pressure washed and sealed, call Young’s Chimney Service at 407-322-1181. You’ll be glad that you did!


Find out everything you need to know about waterproofing your chimney to help stop leaks and prolong the life of the masonry. Talk to the pros at Young’s today.

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