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Chimney Waterproofing

We build homes and chimneys with brick and mortar because masonry is beautiful, durable and strong. The very fact that masonry has been a preferred building material for hundreds of years underlines how timeless and functional it is.

But masonry does have a few complicated properties. Since bricks and mortar are porous materials, they allow gas to flow through and will allow a certain amount of moisture to be absorbed. When it comes to chimneys, that porous quality is great. On one hand, it allows moisture and gases to vent through the brick and out of the system, which is one of a chimney’s crucial functions. But on the other hand, moisture in the masonry can also slowly degrade the chimney, causing spalling (flaking and chipping), eroded joints, and cracks and gaps.

Decades ago, we didn’t have a great way to deal with this particular issue. If a homeowner were to paint the outside of his or her chimney, water would be repelled, but the brick and mortar wouldn’t be able to vent properly anymore, leading to internal decay and other serious problems.

Luckily, we now have a great solution for keeping your chimney masonry in great condition for far longer. Young’s Chimney Service technicians can apply a waterproofing sealant that was specially designed for chimneys. This sealant is 100 percent vapor permeable, so it allows vapor to get through, but stops water from making its way into the brick and mortar joints.

If your chimney is 10 to 15 years old or older, we highly recommend having a waterproofing sealant applied. Preventative waterproofing can help your chimney last longer, and is an affordable and worthwhile investment into a system that performs an incredibly important role in your home.

Other Preventative Measures That Help Fight Off Leaks

The application of a waterproofing sealant is a great way to protect your chimney system from water, but it isn’t your only option.

Is Your Chimney Cap Damaged Or Missing?

Chimney caps are one of the first lines of defense against encroaching water. Without one, your flue is wide open to the elements. If your cap is missing or damaged, talk to a Young’s Chimney Service technician. We can recommend and install a great-looking and functional new cap.

Is Your Chimney Damper Damaged Or Old?

Chimney dampers also help to keep water from getting into your flue, and if yours is stuck in the open position, you’re not getting that benefit. Although throat dampers have been used for years, top-sealing dampers provide far better protection, and should be seriously considered if you’re looking to replace a damaged or deteriorating throat damper.

If you’d like to learn more about waterproofing, call Young’s Chimney Service today, at 407-322-1181!


You may not have considered the benefits of pressure-washing and sealing your chimney. Ask us about this chimney service and how it relates to fixing leaky chimneys.

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