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Young’s Chimney Service Serves Altoona

Young’s Chimney Service is based out of Deltona, just a quick drive over to home and business owners in Altoona. So if you’re in the area and looking for certified chimney expertise, give us a call!

Our services span from top to bottom in your chimney system, and over to your dryer vents, too — since dryer vents perform an important role that’s much like the chimney’s, containing and directing heat and byproducts from a heating appliance out of the home. We are CSIA certified chimney experts and dryer vent technicians and have the skills and knowledge you want and expect from a professional company. Whether you need a quality cleaning and inspection or you need your chimney pressure washed & protected against water-damage, our technicians are the ones to call.

We’re a family-operated company, and we’ve been serving our Florida neighbors for more than 30 years, so we’re attuned to the unique needs of the Florida home and the Florida chimney. Whether you’re looking to have a new system installed, or need your current system maintained or repaired, Young’s Chimney Service is here to help. Our services include: chimney sweeping & cleaning; chimney inspections; leaky chimney troubleshooting; waterproofing; pressure wash & sealing; chase pan installation; chimney cap & animal screen installation; chimney damper installation; and dryer vent installation & cleaning. Keep reading to find out how we help with some of Florida’s biggest chimney problems!

Chimney Caps Are Particularly Important In Florida

We have a lot of beautiful birds here in Florida, and some of them see chimneys as a welcome home — in particular, chimney swifts, which earned their name from their attraction to that particular nesting space.

We love Florida’s wildlife, but your chimney isn’t the ideal home for birds or other creatures. Animals can carry in flammable debris for nesting materials, and they can create unsanitary conditions, unpleasant noises, smells and insect infestations. Chimneys aren’t the safest place for the animals, either — young and sick birds and mammals can easily fall down the flue and, if they’re unable to crawl up or down, they quickly die.

The best solution for you and for those animals: Have a properly sized and properly installed chimney cap installed on your flue, which will provide protection against falling debris and falling rain, and encourage animals to seek a home elsewhere.

What If I’m OK With Nesting Birds?

Florida is full of nature lovers, and some of us are fine with sharing space with chimney swifts as they nest and migrate. We wouldn’t recommend foregoing a chimney cap because they’re designed to keep out animals, debris and moisture. But, if you’ve decided to let nesting birds nest, you have a few important things to think about.

If you have a prefabricated fireplace or a stainless steel flue liner, the birds will struggle to get a foothold on the smooth metal, and can fall into the appliance, which can cause injury or death. For your chimney, it’s recommended that you have a chimney cap installed to keep nesting chimney swifts out, even if you’d have liked to accommodate them. It’s better for your system, and ultimately kinder to the birds.

If you do end up with swifts nesting in your clay tile-lined chimney, you should still make sure to have the flue swept every fall after the birds have moved on. Chimney Swifts are federally protected, so it’s unlawful for you or for Young’s Chimney Service Technicians to remove them — instead, they must leave on their own. Chimney sweeping will remove the old nests, and with them, insects and bird parasites.

Whatever chimney or dryer vent needs you have, if you live in Altoona, look no further than Young’s Chimney Service! Call today to make an appointment with our skilled, CSIA-certified technicians!


Another portion of our extensive service area is located in the beautiful Daytona Beach community. You can count on Young’s to keep your chimney in great shape!.

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