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Young’s Can Help Your Daytona Beach Chimney Stay Beautiful And Functional

When you live somewhere as beautiful as Daytona Beach, you can’t help but take pride in keeping your home beautiful. That’s something we truly understand at Young’s Chimney Service — we take immense pride in our own homes, and just as much pride in the work we do on our clients’ homes.

One of the unfortunate downsides of living in a moisture-heavy climate and having a chimney is that moisture can take its toll, functionally and visibly, on our chimney systems. In either case, Young’s Chimney Service can help.

Making Your Chimney Look New Again

If your chimney has been looking grimy, with dingy mildew growth and discoloration, give Young’s Chimney Service a call. We offer pressure washing services that can carefully and thoroughly bring your chimney back to its former beauty.

We also routinely seal masonry chimneys after pressure washing to keep that clean look lasting longer and to bring a layer of added protection. Sealant helps keep both moisture and grime from making its way back into and onto the chimney.

Professional Care Is Better

We know we may seem biased, but there are some key reasons to leave chimney pressure washing and sealing to the professionals. First, our technicians will inspect a chimney structure first to make sure it’s safe to do the work, and that the power of the washer won’t cause more damage than good. Power washers have been known to turn weak areas in a chimney into extensively damaged areas, leading to major repairs.

And sealing a chimney doesn’t mean applying any old weatherproofing product. Young’s technicians use a sealant that’s specifically designed for chimney work — it allows the vapor venting that’s required for proper chimney function, while keeping moisture out.

Young’s Isn’t Just About Looks And Leaks

While our technicians are highly skilled at dealing with moisture issues, including chimney leaks, that’s far from all we do. Whether you need your chimney inspected, swept or repaired or new chimney parts installed, we can do the job. Our services include: chimney sweeping & cleaning; chimney inspections; leaky chimney troubleshooting; waterproofing; pressure wash & sealing; chase pan installation; chimney cap & animal screen installation; and chimney damper installation.We also install and clean dryer vents!

If your Daytona Beach chimney or dryer vents need attention, turn to Young’s Chimney Service. Call us to make an appointment!


Deltona has unique needs when it comes to chimney care and we’re proud to include it in our service area…and we’re proud to call it home for Young’s Chimney Service, too!

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